About us


The church in Doncaster has a great history of working together. In the early 1970’s Doncaster United Christian Fellowship (DUCF) worked as a significant ecumenical movement in the town. Mission Doncaster (previously called “Alive in Mission – Doncaster Fellowship of Churches”) formally began in 1986. In 2006 Mission Doncaster was re-branded, and adopted as a project of The Jubilee Trust. The Mission Doncaster brand now acts as an umbrella providing administrative and financial support to a range of initiatives, which includes the Church Leaders Network, One Heart One Voice. Those involved work together through shared relationships, shared values and a shared vision. Not only can we combine our individual resources, but having supportive and accountable relationships provides a stable platform to work and grow.



On Saturday 2nd May 1998 a small group of ministers in Doncaster met together and committed themselves to pray regularly for the town. Initially the group consisted of just 8 ministers from 8 churches, and 5 denominations. On Wednesday 13th May 1998 at 7.00am the group met for the first time to pray for Doncaster. That group grew, and became known as the Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship, which continues to meet and pray together.

The Doncaster Ministers Prayer Fellowship still operates as the core management group of One Heart One Voice, and includes other local influential relationships, that extend beyond the weekly gathering. This foundation of prayer and relationships has been the key to all that One Heart One Voice has achieved in Doncaster.



In October 2016, leaders from across the world gathered for three powerful days of connection, celebration, education, and inspiration in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City for Movement Day Global Cities.

Mission Doncaster was privileged to be able to send a team of 7 (5 of whom were millennial leaders) to this amazing event. We prayed, cried, laughed, and challenged one another, but ultimately came away humbled, energized, and inspired to work together to see change in our city.

Movement Day Doncaster is about continuing the conversation we started in New York, growing the global relationships we began with the New York City Leadership team, and encouraging Commercial, Church, Civic, and Community leaders in Doncaster to jump on board.



It’s a fact that everything rises or falls on leadership. Whether in a small organisation, or an entire city, leadership sets the culture. Get leadership right and everything else follows.

Quite simply we have three aims:

We want to celebrate unity;
It’s been 20 yeas since One Heart One Voice  was birthed, and we want to join with the whole church in celebrating this together.

We want to connect those in strategic leadership across Doncaster;
By joining the dots between leaders, we can help to affect powerful change across Doncaster.

We want to create a conversation that will continue into the future;
Relationships are foundational to all we hope to achieve together, by building connections we can maintain momentum.

If we are to have the biggest impact in our place, we need to ensure that we focus on the areas where the shape of our place is being formed, and the narrative is being written. Church, Commercial, Civic, and Community; each of these leadership quarters contributes to influencing people and places.